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The Chariot as your love card for this month implies that you can find what you're looking for if you have a better idea of what you want. If you can create tunnel-like vision, going after that person or that romantic scenario with intention and focused effort, you can land yourself in the situation you desire. It's not about just crossing your fingers and hoping now, it's about intentionally trying to make your hopes a reality.

You know those people who complain about not being in a relationship, and you think to yourself, no wonder, all they do is complain!

Taurus Sun/Taurus Rising: "Let go, gracefully."

Well, sorry Virgo, that's you this month. While the Four of Cups doesn't mean you're going to be unlucky in love during October, it does indicate that you'll probably feel unlucky in love -- or just generally bored or unimpressed with who or what is being offered to you. This goes for both singles and those in relationships. You'll probably want to pull back from life and love this month, and that's OK, just don't let your current mood jade you long-term. Use this time to recalibrate your feelings so you can emerge with greater excitement and gratitude for the love that is in your life.

Not only is the Sun in Libra for most of the month, empowering you in every way, but the Ace of Wands now adds to this with an active, renewed love energy. The Ace of Wands is an optimistic card about beginnings. If you've been laying low in love due to a recent breakup or the need to focus your attention elsewhere, this card indicates a new phase where you are ready to be excited by love again. For Libras who are already in a relationship, you should use the Ace of Wands as inspiration this month.

Find something you and your partner have never done before -- something creative -- and do it together. The Moon is connected to your subconscious and the shadows and fears that reside there.

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With The Moon as your love card for October, you may be grappling with fears about love, like fearing getting hurt again, worrying you will never find love, or suspecting the relationship you're in is not what it appears to be You've got to gain power over these negative ramblings this month -- they are doing harm, not good. Sometimes your intuitions will warn you about real dangers, but with The Moon present this month, it's likely that these anxieties are based on illusion and not reality.

No one expects you to just get over your fears about romance -- they're very real to you -- but if you want to find true comfort and contentment, now is a powerful time to realize that you have all the power to turn the darkness into light. The Nine of Wands as your love card for October implies that you've been put through the wringer in love lately, whether when trying to date or trying to maintain a relationship.

Pisces Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

Every time you think you're getting somewhere, it feels like you get knocked back again! The good news is, the Nine of Wands also indicates that all this struggle is nearly over.

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October could bring another setback, but these energies will soon dissipate. For now, you've got to remain strong and faithful and know that the energy you are experiencing right now is not forever. Your resilient heart will be rewarded. Time out! When you push and push and push, you will eventually burn out -- even you, Capricorn.

SPECIAL OFFER: The Pisces Sign Guide

Whether you've been going on dates every other night or you've been putting a lot of extra time and effort into impressing one special person, the Four of Swords indicates that it's all getting to be too much. Perhaps these dates just aren't working out or the person you want to notice you is blind to your efforts -- this month, you've got to pull back and refuel, or else your feelings about love in general could start to suffer. Take a little time to yourself now to rest your head and your heart.

You have so much to offer, Capricorn, and it'll be better than ever once you've had time to re-energize. The Page of Cups brings a refreshing message of love and magic to you in October. Those who are already in love can embrace a renewed feeling of "young love" this month, where things feel fresh and exciting again and you're still discovering new things about each other. If you are looking for love, you may be pleasantly surprised when a potential lover pops into your life out of nowhere. Thankfully, the Page of Cups is also an intuitive, so you should be able to sense fairly quickly if this person is worth getting to know with the positivity behind this card, they probably are!

Pisces energy also rules over the feet, so if we find ourselves feeling too emotional or sensitive, grounding exercises such as walking barefoot on the grass or even taking a moment to acknowledge how our feet hold and support us may bring some relief. The September Full Moon is also closely connected to the Jupiter Neptune Square , which will add to its illumination factor.

Around this Full Moon, a new truth may be revealed or we may discover that something we believed to be true may not be what it seemed. No matter how aware or observant we become, we can never really understand the full picture. When we believe we know it all, we get rigid and stuck, and we stop ourselves from learning and being open to change. Beliefs change, we change, knowledge changes. What we believe about ourselves today may not be true tomorrow, and being part of this flow and part of this movement will help to bring ease to any new revelations or truths that are brought to light under this Pisces Full Moon.

The symbol for Pisces is two fish swimming in opposite directions. Although they swim their own separate ways, they work as a team and are connected through a spiritual cord. These two fish symbolize the yin and yang of life but also the pursuit of higher levels of consciousness.

One fish swims in a downward direction, reminding us to stay rooted and present in reality but the other swims in an upward direction, reminding us that there is so much more to life and realms beyond this one.

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  5. The downward swimming fish is our roots, whereas the upward swimming fish is our higher mind and higher consciousness. While they swim their own way, they are still connected. We need to root ourselves to the Earth and be present in this physical reality that we live in. But, we also need to remember that this life is temporary, filled with unknowns, and not entirely what it seems.

    Under the light of the Pisces Full Moon, take a moment to think about how you can bring balance to these ideas in your life. Have you been too caught up in the physical that you have forgotten the softer, subtler parts of yourself, your soul, and your life journey? Or have you been too caught up in the spiritual that you have forgotten about your tasks here in this physical world? We are not our bodies, we are not our minds, we are not our thoughts or the experiences that happen to us. We are so much greater than this, and this is what Pisces energy reminds us of.



    Under this Full Moon, we may also feel called to connect with our intuition and deepen our spiritual practice. If you have wanted to meditate or do some ritual work this will be the perfect time to do so.

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    Overall, the September Full Moon is set to bring new truths to the surface or bring old beliefs crashing to the floor. It may stir emotions or trigger feelings that need to be expressed and released. It may also guide us to venture into higher states of consciousness and to deepen our spiritual gifts.